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Monday, July 13, 2009


THE LIGHTHOUSE has been sold!

Go to the BBC story for the announcement of sale.

Auctioned off: 80,000 pounds sterling - more to come

My friend, Stuart Clarke, Editor of VWSGB, quotes from the novel:
"on the quay, (with) the whole bay spread before them...Mrs Ramsay could not help exclaiming, "Oh, how beautiful!" For the great plateful of blue was was before her; the hoary Lighthouse, distant, austere, in the midst; and on the right, as far as the eye could see, fading and failing, in soft low pleats, the green sand dunes with the wild flowing grasses on them, which always seemed to be running away into some moon country, uninhibited of men."

Thank you Stuart!

UPDATE: It has been sold to a private buyer, see the BBC news for the 'SOLD to' story


  1. Maybe it will be turned into a shrine.

  2. The lighthouse itself has NOT been sold, just an area known as Upton Towans beach property in Gwithian, Cornwall.