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Friday, July 10, 2009


TFrom a series of multicolour wo0dcuts

Image size: 28" x 20"
Media: Multicolour woodcut
Paper: Rives BFK
Edition: 4 monoprints

Impressions of TO THE LIGHTHOUSE, a series of 20 prints, in varying sizes, limited editions executed as a Tribute to Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) in the 1980s This project began as an experimental series in which I wanted to show the traditional b/w woodcut transitioning to a multicolour format that picked up the patterns and rhythms of Woolf's vision of making shape out of the chaos of perceptions. At the time Woolf was experimenting with changing the structure of the traditional novel form. More prints will follow from time to time.

The original question was, 'Is this an "impressionist" or a "post impressionist" novel. My written paper on the subject didn't pass muster, but my prints did. By the time I got to college, I was already a printmaker and that was an acceptable communications skill at UWW, New College of Hofstra, NY. Alas, New College, at the time Directed by the innovative Dean Christman, has long since been discontinued and, in my opinion, to the great loss of the student population, faculty, and to the stature of the university itself!


  1. That;s familiar and very attractive. I like the way the words are part of the design. Has this sort of art(with words involved) got its own name?

  2. this is a beautiful print, i really like the layers of faint images in there...

  3. Rinkly - I have often incorporated lettering in my water colour paintings and in prints. I think it just comes under the rubric of graphic art. It is a longstanding design element. As a teenager I used to make posters for people and, before that, I loved looking at illuminated manuscripts.