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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Image size:
Paper: rice
Edition: None 1/5 artist's proofs

Inspired by reading TO THE LIGHTHOUSE, I used the drift wood found on the beach of our backyard to make this first interpretation of the novel, combining a matrix made by impressing leaves and dried weeds into a layer of modeling paste. When dried, the surface was then painted with a coat of clear polyeurothane varnish for hardening, then printing. It was an experimental piece. Later, an alternative approach was chosen to make a new series, which I called impressions of TO THE LIGHTHOUSE.

I have lately come across the recorded voice of Virginia Woolf reading 'Craftsmanship' on YouTube, with other related recordings and videos, which may be of interest to those who tried earlier to source this material.

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  1. Your techniques sound very intricate to a non-artist.